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Full body training videos

X aerobic fittness

These videos are very practical if you are a beginner. Start your life changing plan with these exercises for be ready for the other videos. All full body training is a balanced exercises, all these are enough hard to be more fit, but enough easy to do it day by day. Take care; at the beginning do this exercises only 2 or 3 times per week. If you feel you can do more, try to do 4 or 5 times per week. Than you can start the divided fitness plan.

Hard exercise

1, Always do some warm-up before you start the real exercise. (10-15 minutes is usually enough).
2, Follow the video instruction; don’t do more if you feel it is easy. Than you can start the divided exercises plan.
3, If you are beginner and you feel any pain or you are too tired than stop immediately and consult your doctor as soon as possible.
4, Don’t forget to stretch in the end (usually 10-15 minutes)

9 minutes workout with a high intensity cardio movement
1, Start jumping and lift up your legs. (10 Reps)
2, Push ups with moving your legs (10 Reps)
3, Use your couch for push ups (8 Reps)
4, Lie down and lift up your legs and twist for both sides. (12 Reps)
5, Stretch your full body.

Very intensive full body workout routine – 12 minutes
1, Start with burpees (6 Reps)
2, Hard Russian twists is coming (6 Reps)
3, Squat into leg lifts for both leg. (6 x 2 Reps)
4, Flutter kicks (6 Reps)
5, Close-grip push ups (6 Reps)
6, Hid drops (6 Reps)
7, Repeat the first 6 exercise for 5 more times. If you are tired than make a pause for a while. It is a very hard workout.
8, Finally, make a 66 seconds plank.

Train like a Victoria Secret Model – 10 minutes
1, In this workout, do the first 5 exercises for 60 seconds.
2, Air squats (60 seconds)
3, Speed skaters (60 seconds)
4, Jumping over the fire (60 seconds)
5, Squat and Kick (60 seconds)
6, Toe hops (60 seconds)
7, Deep squats (20 Reps)
8, Squat pulses (20 Reps)
9, Reverse lunges (20 Reps)
10, Split squats for both leg (10 x 2 Reps)
11, Romanian deadlifts (20 Reps)

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We collected the best fitness videos from all over the world. You can watch it, just click to the Videos button. There will be a lot of exercises for full body, or you can watch training for abs, butt, chest and legs. But please, don’t just watch it! Go to the gym, or do it at home. If you won't start it, the result won't come automatically.

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Limitation of Liability: You acknowledge that you are using the service at your own risk. The body transformation will not be the same for everyone, it depend on your current age, weight, height and physical fitness. We cannot guarantee that you can lose any kilograms if you are start our exercises. But it would be more chance after a few month of training. If you would like to start a diet and/or training, please ask your doctor and your dietician first.

Quick tips*

Tip 1. Do 10 minutes rowing in machine before you start any exercises. It will boost your result.

Tip 2. Combine strength training and cardio, whatever is your body aim.

Tip 3. Try to avoid sugar and white flour, this will help to lose weight faster.

Tip 4. Eat at least five times per a day. But don’t eat more calories just eat more often.

Tip 5. Protein is your friend. Eat more chicken, pork and protein shake. It help recover your muscles after workout.