X aerobic fittness
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Contact us

We are proud that we are helping for women. If you would help us, or just send a comment, or a question, than don’t hesitate and write for us.

Our company name is: NewH Ltd.
Our address: 1147, Locsei street 21, Hungary
Email :contact@xaerobic.com
We are answering all the letters within 24 hours.

Who we are?

Let’s start at the beginning. We always had a vision about healthy people. We wanted to see healthy women around as. We read a lot of about it, that how can we help other people. We trained hundreds of women, but it was not enough to us.

Than we give birth to xaerobic.com, where we can help to everybody, with internet. If you want to join to us, subscribe our FITsletter. We have two professional trainers, they are writing the newsletter. They know all of your weakness. We know how hard the beginning is, and how hard is to not give up. Believe us, we will help you to achieve your target.
We are a small team in Hungary, but we think in global. If you would join to us, please write an email. You are welcome, if your aim is similar than ours.

Limitation of Liability: You acknowledge that you are using the service at your own risk. The body transformation will not be the same for everyone, it depend on your current age, weight, height and physical fitness. We cannot guarantee that you can lose any kilograms if you are start our exercises. But it would be more chance after a few month of training. If you would like to start a diet and/or training, please ask your doctor and your dietician first!