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Here are all the exercises what you will need! We collected the best training videos from the internet. If you don’t know where start, first we recommend the full body exercises. Choose one video from the first line and do it every day. Every day!

Every woman want to be sexy and fit. That’s why we collected the most efficient work out plan, just for woman. If you are beginner, than choose full body exercise and do one of it 2-3 times per a week. If you are on intermediate level than do it 4-5 times per a week. And if you feel that you are ready for the next step than start our divided exercises plan. Monday-butt exercise, Tuesday-legs training, Wednesday-chest exercise, Thursday-butt exercise, Friday-legs training, Saturday-chest exercise, Sunday-butt exercise. Plus every day do abs training.

Do you want to be sexy and fit?

What do you think, who has to be in the best form? Models, athletes or business women? You are far away. The correct answer is: pornstars. Well, models have to be sexy all the time, but for them is enough to be slim. They don’t have to be fit and they are not in a well condition. Athletes are too strong and it is not so sexy for everybody. But pornstars have to be always in shape, they have to be sexy all the time. That’s why we analysed them workout, and choose the best videos and exercises for you.

If you are on intermediate level, than we recommend the four other program. They are more specialized for women. As you can see there are four separate categories. The first is abs, every girl wants to have a small tiny, sexy abs, do these exercises and you will have the chance for it. The second is butt, of course is another important body. Legs are the third, one of the most important body parts in summer time. And last but not least chest. If you want to have a bigger, sexier, starchier breast, do these exercises.

Do abs training on every Monday, than butt exercises on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, breast on Thursday, than repeat all the exercises again and again. Your body will regenerate quickly so you could do it, don’t worry!

"Whenever I looked into the mirror I felt terrible because of my body. I started my diet and fitness program 2 months ago. Thank you very much Xaerobic! Now I always start my day in the front of mirror"*
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"Sadly, I'm lazy. That's why full body exercises the best for me. 10 minutes per a day, and I feel stronger."*
Refiye Raim, Jakarta 20/07/2013

*We cannot guarantee the same effect on you.

Limitation of Liability: You acknowledge that you are using the service at your own risk. The body transformation will not be the same for everyone, it depend on your current age, weight, height and physical fitness. We cannot guarantee that you can lose any kilograms if you are start our exercises. But it would be more chance after a few month of training. If you would like to start a diet and/or training, please ask your doctor and your dietician first.