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Butt training

X aerobic fittness

Butt… Well, every woman want a shapely, nice butt. Doesn’t matter that you want a butt like Jennifer Lopez, or you like a smaller one, 1 thing is always common. You have to work for it. If you would like a small butt do these exercises with little weight. If you want to grow, do it with more weight and more time. Butt training plan for the week: Monday – Thursday – Sunday

Train like Beyonce – 8 minutes

1, Squats and lift up your hands (15 x 2 Reps)
2, Deep lunges with both legs (15 Reps)
3, Squat to kick back for both sides (10 Reps)
4, Cross lunges (10 Rips)
5, Squat to lateral leg fit (18 Rips)
6, Side squat to high knee (16 Rips)
7, Bridge Raises (20 Rips)
8, Stretch your legs

All you need is just a chair for this exercise – 11 minutes

1, Squats (20 Reps)
2, Bulgarian foot squats with both legs (20 Reps)
3, Lateral lunges with D-bell (15 Rips) (D-bell is not necessary for this exercise)
4, Stretch your legs
5, Straight line shoulder to knee (20 Reps)
6, Super butts flying high (4 x 6 seconds)
7, Add ankle weights (25 Reps)
8, Never forget to stretch!

Simple and easy exercises – 5 minutes

1, Squats (12 Reps)
2, Knee Tucks (12 Reps)
3, Butt lifts (12 Reps)
4, V-snaps (12 Reps)
5, Bicycle (12 Reps)
6, Stretch your full body

We made a great exercises plan for girls. Did you know that sport give just 30% success of your diet, the other 70% is what you eat. So we will help you in both. You can find the videos on the webpage and you will find your daily menus in this newsletter. And it is not enough! We will send you motivating pictures, successful stories and lot of presents.

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Limitation of Liability: You acknowledge that you are using the service at your own risk. The body transformation will not be the same for everyone, it depend on your current age, weight, height and physical fitness. We cannot guarantee that you can lose any kilograms if you are start our exercises. But it would be more chance after a few month of training. If you would like to start a diet and/or training, please ask your doctor and your dietician first.

Quick tips*

Tip 1. Make an exercises music mix, it will help when you are tired.

Tip 2. Write an exercise book. Always write when and what you are doing.

Tip 3. Reduce your alcohol portion. It contains tons of calories.

Tip 4. Make 1 cheat day per two weeks. It will help you do not lose your spirit.

Tip 5. Running is your friend, it is one of the best calorie burning exercise.