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Welcome on our page! Congratulation to your decision, that you want to change your life. We would like to help for you in this way. Our page is simple; we don’t want to write things what is not very necessary. Our motto is: Be simple, be practical. In the beginning you need just the basic, or else you will be lost soon. So join for us and start your journey today.

Limitation of Liability: You acknowledge that you are using the service at your own risk. The body transformation will not be the same for everyone, it depend on your current age, weight, height and physical fitness. We cannot guarantee that you can lose any kilograms if you are start our exercises. But it would be more chance after a few month of training. If you would like to start a diet and/or training, please ask your doctor and your dietician first.

Do you want to be in shape? So watch this website, because we will help you! X Aerobic is made for only girls. Girls have a different body than man, so we need a different diet.

We collected the best fitness videos from all over the world. You can watch it, just click to the Videos button. There will be a lot of exercises for full body, or you can watch training for abs, butt, chest and legs. But please, don’t just watch it! Go to the gym, or do it at home. If you won't start it, the result won't come automatically.

So the first step is decision. Decide right now, than you will have the chance to change your life. We will help you and not just with the video. Go to the email training and subscribe our FITletters. We will send you letters in every week, so you will not lose your motivation. And we have something else! X Aerobic is a master of finding the coolest sales in fitness world. Not just coupons and actions, but VIP program just for X Aerobic members.

"I was taking care to my body, what I eat, how I live. But now I'm taking care about sport. I feel more power in my muscle. Thank you for the great advices!" *
Gina van Baelen, Amsterdam 05/06/2013

"I lost 10 kilograms during 3 months. I feel myself totally light. This is amazing!" *
Villia Angela, London  12/06/2013

"My favorite is the chest exercises. I'm doing it every day. Combine with butt exercises is the perfect mix for me." *
Beam Minwita, Mexico City 28/07/2013

*We cannot guarantee the same effect on you.

Quick tips*

Tip 1: Drink, drink, drink and forget all the sugar drinks.

Tip 2: Set realistic goal. Don’t want to lose more than 1 kg/week.

Tip 3: Follow an effective exercise routine. You will find some in videos menu.

Tip 4: Try to work out when you have the most energy.

Tip 5: Be patient. You will achieve your goal, just never give up.